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Providing a full range of services needed for a successful adoption

from the home assessment to post-placement reports

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Home Study Services of North Carolina to provide a full range of home study services to prospective adoptive families of North Carolina in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

Home Study Services of NC strives to provide highly professional and personal services for prospective adoptive parents and for those who already have had a child placed with them. Services will be timely and efficient. The director has over 25 years of adoption experience in both domestic and international adoption as well as being an adoptive parent.

Services Provided

  • Pre-assessment studies for domestic, independent or direct placements.
  • Home studies for international adoptions.
  • Post-placement services and supervision once a child is placed in the home.
  • Court reports for re-adoption and to finalize international placements.
  • Dossier preparation.
  • Interstate placement documentation and reports.
  • Educational training and workshops for prospective adoptive parents.

Home Study Services of NC will provide services to the following:

  • A single parent or married couple applying for or approved for adoptive placement of a child or children either domestically or internationally.
  • A child or sibling group and adoptive parents after placement occurs.
  • Adoptive parents and adoptive child or children following entry of the decree of adoption.

Home Study Services of NC will serve clients within a 150-mile radius of the office in Raleigh, NC.


Helpful Tips:

  • Be honest with your agency about what your plans are.

  • Make sure your agency is comfortable with your particular situation.

  • If you are considering an international adoption, make sure your agency is flexible enough to make changes in your study without too many extra charges.

  • For international adoptions, make sure you give your home study agency the list of all required documents and what is needed in the study.



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